The Best of the Azores


Azores: One of the World's Best Spots for Big Game Fishing

The sentence pop's up in several blog's and magazines about fishing as Garmin Marine Entertainment, CliveBradleyfishing, or even better as the specialist MarlinMag consider's the Azores the right spot for Grander's! A Grander is a Blue Marlin weigthing over 1.000 pounds or 450kgs.

In fact, fishing in the Azores already provided some world records: "no less than 22 world records are currently held for different species of catches made here - that’s right, the fish are big, and they bite!" says Garmin.

But Azores fishing it's not all about Marlin's... The Azores are also a great spot for different species of Tuna as Bluefin, Bigeye, and Yellowfin among Wahoo and Dorado. Most of the Tunas species have an average weight of 120kg (250 pounds), exception for Bluefin's that can reach 400kg (850 pounds), but although smaller in weight and size than Blue Marlin's they fight like no other. They are basically a huge piece of muscle between a head and a tail... literally live torpedos!

Having four big reels screaming loudy at the same time with these butterball's in the end of the line should not be just a dream but a right of every angler at some point of his life. And that can come true when fishing in the Azores.

Bigeye Tunas - 6 in a half day (4h) trip of Sao Miguel