The Best of the Azores


Big Game Fishing International Tournament

Big Game Fishing Journal - USA

Author: Capt. Matt Baryshyan

When offshore fishermen get together, especially canyon fishermen, for a little dockside chat, the subject inevitably comes up as to the ultimate definition of Fishing Heaven.

Without exception it is to catch bigeye tuna right outside your breakwater.

At the years have gone by and our trek to the grounds has taken us great distances from our home ports, that ultimate definition of fishing heaven has become more than a dream; it is the musings of someone who is, shall we say... delusional?

Oh well, nothing good is easy to come by - unless you were in the Azores fishing off the island of Sao Miguel for bigeye tuna from May through November in 2013.

Fishing Heaven indeed; with bigeyes and giant bluefin tuna literally just out side the breakwater!

We experienced yet another awesome visit to the Azores in 2013, competing in their Big Game Fishing Tournament which featured the eyes this year instead of the marlins, and the fishing was equally extraordinary.

Prior to arriving, my good friend Willem Rieff emailed saying that he hoped the marlins would arrive, but adding that I should bring mt favorite tuna gear, because the Island was surrounded by bigeye and giant bluefin tuna.

O QUE VERGONHA! (What a shame!) Can you imagine my disappointment? No, no, Matteo, no marlins, you are going to just have to suffer through catching bigeyes this year! Not only was I ecstatic about the tuna, I was equally excited to share this special place with my son, Metthew, this year, as we would be competing on a team comprised of the press representatives from France, Great Britain, and young Matt and I from America; the Allies back together on the high seas!