The Best of the Azores


Ultimate Fishing Guide for Azores

The Azores archipelago are a group of 9 volcanic islands located almost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Sao Miguel, the largest island, is about 2 hours by plane of Lisbon in Portugal mainland and 4,5 hours from New York city in United States of America.

With the Atlantic Ocean around the islands the most popular fishing in the azores is definitely salt water so I will be focusing about it only. However in all the lakes that volcanoes craters gives place to fresh water lakes you will find fishes such as Pike, Carp, Perch...

The volcanic origin and the location of the islands gives some great fishing attributes: Rocky seabed, great fishing banks not far away from land and nice currents and streams specially the Golf Stream.

In Sao Miguel island you can go fishing with fishing charters boats all year around although some species have specific season as they pass trough these magnificent islands with the Golf Stream in their Atlantic crossing migration route.

In Sao Miguel island you can do two kinds of fishing mainly: Coastal and Big Game.

For Coastal fishing you can do bottom fishing, trolling and slow or speed jigging. In Big Game fishing in Azores you can do trolling mostly.


Bottom Fishing: This fishing technique is done with the vessel adrift on rocky bottoms at depths that vary between 15 meters and 50 meters and usually is very effective throughout the year, mainly, due to the great diversity of demersal species that exists around here. It's done with the use of a light fishing rod and reel with two hooks at most and the use of natural baits such as shrimp, mackerel or sardine.