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The Best of the Azores



Hi there.

My name is Sérgio Mestre and i would like to thanks by your stop in SEAZORES website.

"The Azores islands are lost in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.""

"The Azores are a piece of heaven on Earth."

"The Azores are the lost Atlantica"

""The Azores are the most kept and unspoiled island in the world."

I'm pretty sure that all sentences are true but why?

This blog is an intention to tell you why the travelers that pass through here are speaking like that after a memorable vacation days here.

Our culture, gastronomy, architecture, artists, nature spots, things to do and so on have space here.

I will try to share with you the best of 9 amazing islands mainly the one i live in - São Miguel.

So let's start!

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