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Info about the Azores for Travellers

With almost six centuries of history the Azores it's an archipelago of 9 islands situated in the North-East Atlantic and is the westernmost point of Europe. Consider to be a slice of heaven on heart not only due to its almost inexistent criminality but mainly due to its natural wonders and resources, the Azores it's a nature destination that deserves to be on the top 10 of your list.

Being a nature destination most of the activities that you will find here are also nature related and due to the privileged location of this islands - 37º North and 25º West - regarding the Golf Stream makes this destination the 4th best place in the world to do sport fishing (source: and 1 of the 10 best places in the world to do whale watching.

map of the azores
Azores map

São Miguel, the largest Island of the archipelago with 746 Km2 and also the most populated one, has the nickname of being the green island since most of the pathways are lined up all year around with colourful flowers like the hydrangeas or the yellow ginger lily. Here you will have the opportunity to discover natural wonders, enjoy typical food and delight yourself with a dip on natural thermal pools. But don’t get fooled: its not because you visited Sao Miguel that you already know the Azores… there’s still another 8 islands to visit each one with its own particularity!

Tips From a Local About Sao Miguel, Azores

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