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The Best of the Azores


Top 3 Boat Tours in the Azores

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The Azores islands are an amazing place for active people who like to have vacancies filled with activities and experiences. As islands, the sea have a great influence on the local people lives right from the beginner since the islands were discovered in 1427 by navigators. From that time, almost 6 centuries back to now a days, the Azorean people took advantage of this resource not only for trade and incoming but also for leisure.

In Sao Miguel island you have a long list of sea activities to choose from and enjoy a day out with friends, children or even elderlies such as fishing, sailing, diving, spearfishing, boat tours, whale watching and so on...

Sunset Boat Tour - Go for a romantic private Sunset boat tour in Azores leaving from Ponta Delgada and enjoy a dip in deep sea, let yourself be amazed by the stunning sky colours when the Sun touch the horizon followed by sparkling wine toast and contemplate Ponta Delgada town all illuminated on the way back to the marina.

The sunset at sea is amazing!

Boat Tour along the coastline - Jump in a boat tour in Sao Miguel with your family or friends to have a day stuffed with a lot of fun, snorkelling and admire the beautiful volcanic coastline and it's lava tubes and caves.

Vila Franca islet is a beauty place to refresh yourself

Family Fishing and Fun Day - Provide to the whole family a unforgettable day out in a private boat tour to Vila Franca for your kids try a bit of coastal fishing and be proudly the family feeders of the day since later on you will have the fish caught for lunch in a restaurant at Vila Franca. Go for a snorkel or just for a refreshing dip in a wild beach before heading out to Vila Franca islet where once per year happens the Red Bull Cliff Diving event. Returning back to Ponta Delgada after lunch you can have the luck of some dolphins come close to the boat and see them up close.

Beautiful smiles and an amazing guaranteed lunch

In many places around the world, sea activities are one of the best experiences to take when you are in holidays with friends or family turning days to memorable moments for lifetime from kids to elders. Sardinia boat tours are well known to be one of those places but also taking a dive in Galapagos islands or even in Thailand charters are a must do when travelling to those places.


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