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The Best of the Azores


Welcome 2021 - The year we'll be travelling again?

Since the beginning of 2020 that we are not able to travel for leisure or travel is under very strict restrictions that most of us don't want to deal it and postponed our holidays plans. In the Azores all the tourism business took a very "challenging" time (I will put things that way) throughout the whole year as in most places around the world where Tourism have a strong impact on the economy.

empty airport
Empty Airports all around the world was a standard image of 2020

However seems things can change in this new year of 2021. Vacines are been developed and arriving in many of this touristic places as well as in the Azores islands and we all hope that we can put the holidays plans back on track and start going for it!

Some Azores local tours and activities providers take the health of their guests very serious and put it in first place and along 2020 had training to be validated with the "Clean&Safe" program stamp to ensure that safety is guaranteed during the experiences. Most of the local Hotel's, Restaurant's... went through the same program to provide the best service in 2021.

Clean & Safe
Stamp of the Azores Health Authority

With that said, seems travelling was never in the past so safe as nowadays and the Azores islands are the perfect destination for families, active people and small groups since we are safe, quiet with a lot to see and do and not too far from Portugal mainland (2h flight).

As in many places around the world like our friends from Sailing Zeeland, Boat Trips Malta or Barge Trips in France, sea activities are also available in the Azores and a must do while in here with a large number of options for you to choose from Boat Tours to Fishing Trips.

Also some companies updated their booking Terms and Conditions offering for 2021 Free Cancellation for you to book with no worries.

So no excuses to not visit this year this amazing place named Azores and start packing your things and turning your plans in reality.

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