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The Best of the Azores


The Azores: "Out of the Box" Tours and Activities Guide

I can be here all day long mentioning activities that you can enjoy in the Azores since the list for the most popular ones are veeery long but my intention is to focus on those that don't have a lot of publicity and no mentions in most travel guides. For the rest, there are several bloggers and influencers who already mention them and who proliferate in social networks.

So let's go:

The Azores islands are the perfect destination for people that prefer places with a wide variety of activities, tours and experiences to do instead of spending the days lying on the beach, not because of the lack of excellent beaches on the islands but for you to enjoy the best that the islands have to offer. In the Azores, in particular on the island of Sao Miguel, the beauty of the green pasture landscape, many of them surrounded by colorful flowers such as azaleas or hydrangeas frame enchanted lakes resting in volcanic craters.

Walking on dirt trails for non massive spots to enjoy breathtaking views

It is in this lush scenario that many of the Walking Trails and Jeep Tours in Sao Miguel take place throughout dirt tracks, some of which were used by ancestors when the roads did not yet exist, providing a different perspective through not crowed viewpoints.

Stunning views from top while you ride 20 kms on the summit of Sete Cidades volcano crater on a 4x4 Tour

However you can have better: Why not to join more than one activity in a single day and so while exploring that particular area of ​​the island enjoy all the potential of it in different ways? These Combined Tours in Sao Miguel can go from exploring the island in 4x4 vehicle taking you to places that your rental car cannot reach making stops along the way to exercise your body on a walking trail or if you prefer a stop at a local farmer's house to have a cooking lesson on how to make traditional fresh cheese... of course you will have to taste it accompanied by a cup of tea, bread baked in a wood oven and homemade jams. Delicious!

Some adventure is guaranteed in Jeep Tours

All this with the company of a local tour guide who, in an informal and friendly way, will let you know many curiosities about the island as well as history, traditions, flora and fauna. No vacation day would be totally well spent if the local cuisine was not part of the experience so the lunch break at a restaurant is planned where in addition to the local food you can drink a glass of locally produced wine without the worry of driving.

But if you prefer a relaxing private boat ride along the south coast of the island after exploring the island to regain your strength in a refreshing swim in the middle of the Atlantic, this is also a Combined Tour option not to be missed.

The south coast of Sao Miguel with Ponta Delgada city on the background and the sea inviting for a dip.

On the other hand, the Azores as islands that have always had a great tradition of activities at sea, not only commercial ones where the locals take advantage of this natural resource in a sustainable way but also leisure activities that have been adapted for travelers to also have the opportunity to experience. From the very beginning, fishing stands out as one of those activities in which not only does the traveler enjoy the pleasure of being in the water, but you can also take the pleasure of eating at lunch the fish that all the members of the family caught during the morning. These are fantastic experiences for families that children love and never forget because they are filled with pride ... they don't always have the opportunity to feed their parents!

Happy faces and Lunch guaranteed. Time to visit Vila Franca islet

Another unforgettable fishing experience in the Azores is undoubtedly deep sea fishing. Not many places in the world have the almost perfect characteristics to gather the biggest fish in the oceans during a certain time of the year. The Atlantic Blue Marlin and Tuna are without any doubt the dream of any sport fisherman and in the Azores they find the ideal place to try their luck. Due mainly to the Gulf Stream, these species visit these islands on their Atlantic crossing route. In the Azores, the commercial fleet continues to fish for tuna with ancestral, unique methods and sustainable way (Salto e Vara) to export to countries around the world. The most common species of Tuna are Bluefin, Bigeye and Yellowfin with weights that can reach 400 kg depending on the species.

Yellowfin Tuna with160kgs (est.) in a Big Game Fishing trip.

With all these activities and tour options for you to enjoy keep the Azores in your bucket list as the best family holidays destination for 2021 traveling for a place nominated as The Safest Place to isit in 2020 by Forbes.

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