The Best of the Azores


The Azores: "Out of the Box" Tours and Activities Guide

I can be here all day long mentioning activities that you can enjoy in the Azores since the list for the most popular ones are veeery long but my intention is to focus on those that don't have a lot of publicity and no mentions in most travel guides. For the rest, there are several bloggers and influencers who already mention them and who proliferate in social networks.

So let's go:

The Azores islands are the perfect destination for people that prefer places with a wide variety of activities, tours and experiences to do instead of spending the days lying on the beach, not because of the lack of excellent beaches on the islands but for you to enjoy the best that the islands have to offer. In the Azores, in particular on the island of Sao Miguel, the beauty of the green pasture landscape, many of them surrounded by colorful flowers such as azaleas or hydrangeas frame enchanted lakes resting in volcanic craters.

Walking on dirt trails for non massive spots to enjoy breathtaking views

It is in this lush scenario that many of the Walking Trails and Jeep Tours in Sao Miguel take place throughout dirt tracks, some of which were used by ancestors when the roads did not yet exist, providing a different perspective through not crowed viewpoints.

Stunning views from top while you ride 20 kms on the summit of Sete Cidades volcano crater on a 4x4 Tour

However you can have better: Why not to join more than one activity in a single day and so while exploring that particular area of ​​the island enjoy all the potential of it in diff